Pre-tensioned hollow core slabs are used in ceilings and roofs. Climatic conditions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as in other Nordic countries, require the use of building elements that can be assembled quickly and cheaply. The hollow core slabs is a product that can be assembled with very low labor cost. The side surfaces of the hollow core slabs are made with a longitudinal profile, which allows the transfer of vertical transverse forces through the joints between adjacent elements. Hollow core slabs can be made in thicknesses of 200, 220, 265, 300, 320 and 400 mm. The width of the panels is 1200 mm, the length depends on the carrying capacity, it is possible to manufacture hollow core slabs up to 16 meters long. Panels can be trimmed narrower and also finished at different angles. It is also possible to manufacture panels with the necessary openings for communications, ventilation pipes, chimney inlets, etc., also in such a way that the bearing capacity is not reduced. It is also possible to manufacture cantilever hollow core slabs, for example for projecting balconies or platforms. We have sold the largest number of panels with a thickness of 220mm to the construction markets of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. However, panels of other thicknesses were also used, and for large openings a panel with a thickness of 265 mm is often used. Hollow core slabs 320 mm and 400 mm are installed in industrial buildings precisely because of the large openings. For the production of hollow core slabs, we need the building's drawings from the customer, where the desired bearing capacity must also be indicated. If necessary, also make the drawings yourself. The delivery time for slabs is usually 12 days after ordering.